Business case

Implementation of A-SMGCS is a recommendation, or even requirement, for airports in Europe by 2030. Regardless from the perspective of efficiency and safety, Usher AI’s concept of routing and guidance generates savings and revenues to the degree that implementation is simply sensible and logical for any airport worldwide.

On average the savings per movement (!) at an airport are likely to range between $167 to $269. Even when only 60% of the low end of the range would be realized in practice and shared 50/50 between stakeholders, it provides a payback term of just 4 to 6 years. Over 30 years the Return on Investment is 300% to 500%, including maintenance and replacement of the Usherbot vehicles each 12 years.

In addition to the savings, the airport can possibly also benefit from higher revenues because of the increase in capacity. With a potential increase of 15% the additional revenues can be worth up to $77 per movement.

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